21/10/2013NewPROLAC HCP SP


INOXPA announces the launch of the new range of self-priming centrifugal pumps 

PROLAC HCP SP pump is particularly suitable for pumping liquids containing air or gas without losing its pumping capacity. It can be used in the food-processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Its main application is the return of the CIP cleaning system.


Main features:

• Stainless steel pump with matt external surface finish and polished internal finish (Ra <0,8).

• Hygienic design pipe legs with O-rings.

• Enhanced clamp connection of the shaft to the motor shaft.

• Motor IEC B35 (legs and flange) for all of the pumps.


The PROLAC HCP SP has the same components as the PROLAC HCP. The key difference between the two pumps is the body. The impeller, seal and all the other parts are the same in both pumps.

The body of the PROLAC HCP SP includes a separator tank and a non-return valve, ensuring high levels of efficiency. The PROLAC HCP SP will replace the current PROLAC SA pump.

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