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31/01/2013Promotional videos

Promotional videos


Inoxpa Wine Solutions with the collaboration of the Domaine de l’Arjolle winery (France) filmed two promotional videos of the INOXPA equipment installed in the cellar: Compact Grape Reception CGR and Water Chiller with Heat Recovery GFR.

Compact Grape Reception CGR

- Compact and mobile skid
- Consists of a hopper, de-stemmer, crusher and a positive displacement pump
- Analyses of PH, º Brix, temperature and volume
- Automatic and accurate dosing of SO2 to ensure an effective protection of the grapes


Water Chiller with Heat Recovery GFR

- Implementation of thermoregulation,16 tanks
- Cooling and heating
- Energy recovery
- User-friendly
- Remote control
- Very versatile
- Eco-friendly

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